Moving an office equals to moving a business and is therefore a serious task. Can you afford to trust a mover who might not be able to meet your demands?

Sometimes the risks of your business exceed the total cost of the mover you do business with. Hiring an experienced office mover will maximize your productivity and minimize the disruption of your business activities to guarantee the moving of your office in a fast, efficient and cost-effective way.

MCS Uluslararasi Tasimacilik understands the needs of its customers and spends time to organize each and every detail of your moving plan. This simple business philosophy of planning the customers’ needs in detail made us one of the leading transportation companies in Turkey.

Your employees should leave the office at the end of working hours and arrive at your new office in the morning of the next working day. We move offices after the working hours and in weekends not to disrupt your business activities.

• We never underestimate the tasks that should be performed to move an office.
• The customer’s files and records are packaged and labeled in a proper way.
• The customer’s computers and IT equipment are removed and reinstalled under supervision by an engineer.
• Expensive and fragile office equipment are separately packaged to protect them from being damaged during the transportation.
• Our customers trust us due to the fact that we have the depth and experience needed to manage the operations in any scale in a fast and efficient way.

Let us move your office to save costs and to increase the efficiency of your business. Please feel free to use our vast experience and knowledge of this sector to perform a market research: loans available at the most reasonable costs, office space solutions, feasibility service to look for and select offices for rent, layout planning, planning budget for spatial arrangement, interior arrangement and renovation, designing commercial interior space, project management service for corporate relocations, transportation of other properties, immigration, translation, housing, accommodation, visa applications, etc. The members of our staff are specialized in planning, performing and managing all kinds of office moving operations, having provided such customers as Boyner, MEF chain of schools, Mercedes-Benz, Hotel Rixos, Siemens, Is Bank, Aselsan, Tubitak, etc. with office moving services thanks to their 30-year experience.

Would you like our office moving specialist to contact you for meeting your demands of moving your store, office or facility? We guarantee to minimize the setbacks of moving an office. This means we know very well how much any delay suffered by our customers can be detrimental to their profitability.

If you contact us: • We will appoint an experienced office moving manager for you, this manager will be in constant touch with you and supervise every step of the moving operation.
• The manager will visit you to discuss about your needs including the moving of your bulky, fragile or delicate equipment and materials. You may give us all kinds of timetables and schedules for your requirements.
• The manager will discuss with the management of both your existing office and your new office and take all practical logistics measures and actions needed to move your office in a faultless way without disruption.

MCS Uluslararasi Tasimacilik uses specialized equipment to carry all kinds of workplaces and offices. The vast experience we gained over the years is at your service!


It is now very easy to get quality service. You can call or write us at any time.


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